Our Digital Acceleration Centre

A third place in central Paris focused on digital transformation.

Le Centre d'Accélération Digitale

Digital transformation is more of a priority today than it has ever been. Due to the coronavirus crisis many organisations no longer just need to transform, they now need to do it as fast as possible.

This unprecedented crisis has led us to reinvent how we work. Working from home has become the norm and we now know that this way of working helps with the digitalisation of processes.
Despite this, working from home will not provide better long-term performance if we cannot meet with people, exchange ideas and build relationships whilst undertaking this digital transformation at the same time.

Le CAD Paris

Our Digital Acceleration Centre is an avant-garde, convivial third place which helps businesses and professionals to:

Ramp up the digital transformation of their organisations.

Train their staff, clients and partners.

Meet a community of experts and recreate a feeling of serendipity.

Organise corporate events in an amazing location.


Customized services

The HQ of the Parisian digital world – at the CAD people discuss the most recent trends regarding the digital transformation of organisations. Join many other professionals at this exceptional location which is ideal for debate and healthy competition and which provides an offer of services tailored to your needs!

Training centre

The CAD offers modular training rooms which have all the equipment you may need: touch-screens for presentations, cameras to stream your sessions (ideal for a hybrid format where some students are present and others are learning remotely), a studio for virtual training, etc. You can rent our training rooms and meeting rooms now, helping your staff to develop their skills!

Un centre de formation à Paris

A space dedicated to the Salesforce ecosystem

The CAD is the Paris HQ of Trailblazers, professionals who are experts on Salesforce and who are key parts of the digital transformation of their organisations. Whether you’re learning to become a Trailblazer or you’re already an expert, everyone is welcome at the CAD!

Un lieu dédié à l’écosystème Salesforce

A sustainable, solidarity-focused third place

The CAD is committed to protecting the environment and leads several initiatives to promote inclusion, solidarity and equality. We are taking action to help create a more sustainable future, there will be no place in the world of tomorrow for organisations who refuse to do so.

Un tiers-lieu responsable et solidaire

of the biggest advantages of CAD-Paris

Our amazing location

Just opposite Saint-Lazare train station and less than a 5-minute walk from metro lines 2, 3, 9, 12, 13 and 14.

A modern and modular design

our premises are equipped with the most cutting-edge technologies for training and design thinking.

Training rooms

They are available for rental at a fair price and in central Paris.

Food and drink services

A food and drink offer tailored to your needs and customisable facilitation of your corporate events/team meetings.

Salesforce Community

A community of Salesforce experts motivated and willing to exchange best practices and advice with others.

A site that truly meets your needs

Rent our meeting and training rooms now to help your staff to develop their skills!

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Le Centre d'Accélération Digitale
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Once upon a time there was ISDI...

ISDI France was founded by ISDI CRM, a training institute which is a partner of the Salesforce ecosystem and which is a branch of ISDI, a training centre known across the globe for its expertise on all things digital. The group launched its first Digital Acceleration Centre (CAD) in Madrid, before launching a second in Barcelona and then another in Mexico.

In late 2020 the group took a leap of faith, deciding to launch CAD-Paris. It was a brave thing to do at the end of a year marked by two Covid lockdowns. But 2020 was also a year which really highlighted that we need to create a new, more agile, flexible and balanced working environment for the post-Covid world. An environment that will be able to adapt to different needs and overcome any surprises we may meet along the way. 2020 basically seemed like the perfect year to create a third place focused on the digital transformation of different organisations.

Le Centre d'Accélération Digitale
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Get in touch with our team!

If you have any questions about our Digital Acceleration Centre or if you would like to book a room then please get in touch with us right away ! You can also check out our FAQ page  if you have any questions about our rates.

We hope to see you soon at the CAD!