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Centre d’Accélération Digitale à Paris - Découvrez nos valeurs et notre équipe

The CAD’s DNA:
a responsible third place in Paris which offers solidarity to others

Our Digital Acceleration Centre, less than a 5-minute walk from Saint-Lazare station, is focused on helping companies to boost their skills and to accelerate their digital transformation. We have a culture of training, we are focused on the future and we are ready to meet the challenges of an increasingly digital world.

The CAD is also a responsible and green structure which offers solidarity to others. These are not just empty words. Our team designed this unique building in alignment with our values of education, protecting the environment, inclusiveness and access to training for all.

All initiatives led here at the CAD are based on these values. This commitment is shown by our team but it is also reflected by our visitors and partners. Are you interested in working with us to reinvent your work environment?


Country Manager

Victor, a lover of theatre and cinema, is an expert in complex sales in the IT industry. Victor worked for Salesforce for 2 years where he helped stakeholders of the professional training industry to implement and accelerate the digital transformation of their organisations.

Victor was hired by ISDI in 2019 to launch the French branch of the ISDI group and to create a Centre for Digital Acceleration in central Paris which would focus on Salesforce and the digitalisation of organisations. Victor is passionate about politics and because he believes that the Salesforce Economy can have a positive impact on society he committed to creating a tailor-made offer of Salesforce training courses and launching the new HQ for Trailblazers in Paris: the CAD!


Operation & Quality Manager

When she was still unaware that she was destined to be a Trailblazer Capucine stumbled across Salesforce during a career change from the audiovisual sector to the IT industry. Capucine is now the Operations & Quality Manager at ISDI France, she is in charge of quality in the design, implementation and monitoring of the training courses offered by the French branch of ISDI. She enjoys dancing and singing in her free time and takes every opportunity to jet off on holiday with her kids in tow!


Office Manager

Currently Office Manager for ISDI, Gwenael has over 10 years’ experience in Office Management for various organisations. Gwenael is very involved at CAD-Paris as he helps to maintain the convivial, dynamic atmosphere of the centre whilst also supporting Trailblazers and professionals in their efforts to digitalise their companies.


Business is the greatest
platform for change

Marc Benioff CEO of Salesforce
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The philosophy of the CAD
in 4 key values

Nos valeurs phares CAD PARIS : Education


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. This quote from Nelson Mandela is the perfect summary of the objectives of our Digital Acceleration Centre. By creating a community based on digital transformation our Paris site is aimed at helping organisations to truly transform and to strive to build a better world. Does this sound a little ambitious? Ambitious is our middle name.

Nos valeurs phares CAD PARIS : Enviroment


Climate change is no longer something which can be legitimately questioned. The rate of change witnessed across the globe is accelerating. We knew when creating the CAD that our building would, inevitably, have an impact on the environment in different ways. We thus implemented various measures in order to be carbon neutral and to make the CAD a place which truly respects the environment.

Nos valeurs phares CAD PARIS : Inclusion


In 2020, a year full of unprecedented movements such as #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter and climate marches, opening a new building without taking into account the needs of all simply wouldn’t make sense. Businesses have an important role to play in building a better world, one that is inclusive and where all men and women are equal. The team at the CAD were inspired by this commitment when designing our centre and when launching our initiatives.

Nos valeurs phares CAD PARIS : Solidarité


One of the CAD’s goals is to forge a community of professionals who are focused on a common project: finding new ways to boost the digital transformation of organisations. In order to reach this ambitious goal we must use our collective intelligence and show solidarity towards one another. This idea of solidarity is not just tied into our business objectives, the CAD also leads solidarity initiatives in order to support various partners.

Support from our committed partners

The CAD is committed to the cause but we are not alone. When we opened our unique third place we decided to surround ourselves with partners who share our values and vision. These partners help us to meet our CSR commitments, they inspire us and they support us in our initiatives.

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