A third place committed to solidarity and to building a more responsible world

Un tiers-lieu engagé à Paris

Why create a third place with such a focus on commitment?Why create a third place with such a focus on commitment?

Because our commitment to helping organisations build up their skills and transform is just part of more wide-reaching efforts led by the CAD. We want to be part of society’s struggles for inclusiveness, equality and solidarity.

This is why ISDI decided to build a third place that takes into account the interests of all stakeholders. Salesforce summed it up well when they said, “business is the greatest platform for change”. As a business we have an important role to play in the fight to build a better world.

We focus on 4 key areas

Promoting education

Protecting the environment

Defending human rights

Showing solidarity

Promoting education and capacity building

As an institute of training ISDI created the CAD with a view to bringing people together and providing access to training for organisations who wish to accelerate their digital transformation. Our objective is to create healthy competition amongst professionals and to allow them to feed off our expertise on the Salesforce ecosystem.

Our commitment to providing access to digital transformation is highlighted by the following initiatives:

  • Offering access to highly-equipped training and meeting rooms.

  • Launching an innovative, dynamic centre which encourages people to network and to chat in a place which creates a feeling of serendipity.

  • Launching a third place designed for stakeholders and partners of the Salesforce ecosystem. This centre is destined to become the Paris HQ for Trailblazers.

  • Encouraging debate at our events on how to change the paradigm on workplace environments.

  • Promoting best practices in learning and highlighting the importance of training as a means of opening up to others and achieving excellence.

Promouvoir l’éducation et la montée en compétences

Protecting the environment

At the CAD when we think of the environment we think of both our immediate environment at the centre as well as the planet as a whole. An 800m² building such as the CAD will, inevitably, have an impact on the environment that we must compensate for. We have implemented several measures to negate this impact:

  • Selecting an energy provider that provides 100% green energy.

  • Never using pesticides in our garden area.

  • Recycling our waste, ensuring that we recycle everything that can possibly be recycled.

  • Only using cleaning products that have the PEFC sustainability label.

  • Calculating our carbon footprint using Salesforce’s Sustainability Cloud solution.

  • Taking part in the reforestation programmes launched by Salesforce in order to compensate for our carbon footprint.

  • Installing a tablet and a dashboard to allow our visitors to calculate the carbon footprint of their journey to the CAD.

Préserver l’environnement

Defending our values of inclusiveness and equality

Our Digital Acceleration Centre is based on values that our team firmly believes in, notably those of tolerance and inclusiveness. The struggles represented by powerful contemporary movements such as #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter, who are fighting for equality between all men and women across the globe, are struggles that we believe in and which inspire us. We have thus implemented several measures to do our bit to help defend human rights:

  • Creating a place which promotes more flexible ways of working that are compatible with the needs of the modern day employee (working from home, an international market, etc.) and which also encourages discussion, human contact and teamwork.

  • Maintaining a good balance between work and our private lives.

  • Naming each of the rooms in the CAD (the atrium, training rooms, etc.) after women who have played an important role in defending women’s rights all across the globe - in early 2019 only 12% of the streets in Paris were named after women whereas 100% of the rooms in the CAD pay tribute to womankind!

  • Fighting against period poverty by installing feminine hygiene distributors in the women’s toilets.

Défendre des valeurs d’inclusion et d’égalité

Showing solidarity

It was also important for us that our centre embodies the value of solidarity. We have taken the following steps to ensure that this is the case:

  • Providing rooms to our partner associations free of charge.

  • Guaranteeing that we use providers that are responsible and who show solidarity.

  • Ensuring that the profits made on key purchases, such as hand gel, are sent across to associations.

  • Installing distributors of feminine hygiene products in the women’s toilets.

  • Calculating our carbon footprint using Salesforce’s Sustainability Cloud solution.

Faire preuve de solidarité

Working hand-in-hand with committed partners

The Digital Acceleration Centre only works with partners and providers who are committed to the climate cause and who are helping us to move towards a fairer world. We ensure that our providers respect our Suppliers Charter and we are also aware of our responsibility towards the people and companies that we work with.

We encourage you to take a look at the great work being done by our partner organisations who are all, in their own ways, fighting for a more responsible world!

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