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A Salesforce solution to reduce the CAD’s impact on the environment

The CAD-Paris, ISDI’s Digital Acceleration Centre and a new third place, is committed to reducing its environmental impact. In order to achieve this goal ISDI has decided to use the Sustainability Cloud platform, an innovative Salesforce solution which allows organisations to closely track their carbon footprint. Thanks to help from Accenture for the integration of the platform, ISDI is now taking concrete measures to reduce its impact and to raise awareness amongst its staff, customers and visitors about more sustainable commercial practices.

How can we reduce the carbon footprint of our third place?

The CAD-Paris is a digital acceleration and training centre based at a 800m² site in central Paris, just a short walk from Saint-Lazare station. Such a building will, of course, have an impact on the environment.

In order to counteract this impact ISDI decided to use the Sustainability Cloud solution, a platform which allows us to carefully analyse our greenhouse gas emissions, to identify the sources of the energy we consume and to measure our carbon footprint as well as the footprints of our visitors.

Based on these analyses, collected and analysed by Sustainability Cloud in under 6 weeks and which are regularly updated, the CAD provides its visitors with the opportunity to measure their carbon footprint and we can also suggest measures for how to reduce their impact.

Sustainability Cloud in practice: how exactly does it work?

Once the data about the CAD and its visitors (itinerary to the CAD, mode of transport taken, nights spent in a hotel, etc.) have been collected and analysed by Sustainability Cloud the carbon footprint of each individual is presented on a dashboard placed in the lobby area.

Visitors will receive an email outlining their carbon footprint and will then be encouraged to get involved in a reforestation and carbon sink restoration project led by Reforest’Action, another of ISDI’s partners. Sustainability Cloud also helps the team at ISDI to monitor the trends of the emissions of the training centre and to take measures to make the site even more sustainable.

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Salesforce & Accenture helping ISDI to control our emissions

As an official Salesforce partner it made sense for ISDI to turn to an innovative solution offered by the market leader in CRM in order to reduce our carbon emissions. Accenture, a consultancy with great expertise in the digital sector and in Cloud technologies, also provided ISDI with support in integrating the Sustainability Cloud solution within our commercial strategy, our operational model and our technological framework.

Reforest’Action: a key partner of CAD-Paris

ISDI works with Reforest’Action, a B-Corp certified organisation which strives to preserve, restore and create forests in France and across the globe, in order to reduce the impact we have on the environment. ISDI’s training centre thus contributes to ambitious, controlled reforestation projects with trees being planted in a sustainable manner both in France and overseas. This initiative is completely aligned with the values and convictions of the CAD team!

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