The CAD knows how to find good friends!

Working with committed partners in Paris.

One of ISDI’s oldest partners: Salesforce

As an institute of training which is an expert on the Salesforce ecosystem and on digital transformation ISDI launched the CAD in order to create a centre which encourages discussion and networking amongst Parisian Trailblazers.

Trailblazers can come to the CAD to take or lead Salesforce training courses, to meet other Trailblazers, to share advice or best practices and to attend events organised for them. Are you already part of the Salesforce family or would you like to join it? Then come and pay us a visit at the CAD.

Salesforce, partenaire historique d’ISDI

A third place powered by committed, innovative partners

The Digital Acceleration Centre ensures that its partners believe in the same values as we do and that our partners’ initiatives reflect the commitments we have taken:


friends who support us in our commitment

CAD has teamed up with Planète OUI, a French private green energy provider based in Lille, for our energy needs. We thus have access to 100% renewable electricity (from solar panels, wind farms and hydropower) provided by French producers. Planète OUI was named as the #1 of the “truly green” energy providers by Greenpeace.

For the upkeep of our Paris site we decided to partner with Cleany, a cleaning company which has committed to using products which do not harm the environment. What we also liked about Cleany is that they always hire their staff on permanent contracts and that they are very much focused on training their employees.

CAD gets its tea and coffee from Joyeux, a brand initially launched in Rennes and which mainly employs people with disabilities. Joyeux has recently opened several solidarity restaurants in France, especially in Paris, which means we can “joyously” use their services for our food and beverage needs too!

CAD chose Umano as the provider for our contactless hand gel distributors. 100% of the profits made off these distributors are sent on to an association, Astrée, which fights against isolation and strives to rebuild our social ties.

This organisation is a key player in the fight against period poverty. Marguerite & Cie promotes the use of healthy, plastic-free period products and raises awareness on the environmental impact of using non-biodegradable products. The CAD has worked with Marguerite & Cie to install free distributors of period products.

ISDI shares its space at the CAD with Manao Consulting, a cabinet that is well-known for its work on implementing Salesforce solutions. Manao, like ISDI, is a partner of the market leader for CRM and they have been essential in making the CAD the new HQ of Parisian Trailblazers!

We work alongside Lemon Tri to recycle the waste generated by our third place in order to reduce the impact we have on the environment. Lemon Tri is an agile, creative partner that knows how to adapt their offer to their client’s needs, and they offer truly innovative recycling solutions.

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If you have any questions about our Digital Acceleration Centre or if you would like to book a room then please get in touch with us right away! You can also check out our FAQ page if you have any questions about our rates. We hope to see you soon at the CAD!